Klassische Strumpfhosen

40 den tights

Tights like your best friend. She never lets you down.
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  • Black 40 denier tights with compression, reinforced toe and heel and comfort waistband
  • Material: 79% polyamide and 21% elastane
  • Care: hand wash at max. 30 degrees
  • Made in Germany
Gründerinnen Saint Sass

By women - for women

We, Vivien and Larissa, are the founders of saint sass and we love tights. One day, while reading Cher's famous quote "Mom, I am a rich man", we came up with the idea: Why not make a statement with tights? Why not establish tights as the fashion accessory? Why not create tights that are not only stylish, but also durable and comfortable? The idea of saint sass was born. In September 2021 the time had come, we launched the world's first statement tights. Our tights should underline your independence and express your self-deprecating courage. True to the motto: Don't just show style, but make a statement.

Only the best of the best for you

No, our tights are not indestructible. But she comes pretty close. Because we have adopted the latest findings in pantyhose technology. The result, a pantyhose that is in no way inferior to luxury pantyhose brands. With the aim of accompanying you on your journey for as long as possible. Made in Italy.

The superwoman among tights

For all technical nerds: we have developed a tights yarn that is not only wrapped once, but doubled. That means they are twice as tear-resistant as conventional tights. We've also reinforced the toe and heel, the two most vulnerable areas. We affectionately call our tights Superwoman. A small side effect of the double-wound yarn is that the tights are super soft and comfortable to wear.

A little shaping never hurts nobody

Your body is beautiful just the way it is! However, we don't know anyone who has ever complained about a little shaping effect. Not too much and not too little, our tights emphasize your strengths just right. Quite
It even secretly supports the blood circulation in your legs, so that you feel top fit even after a long day or a night of drinking.

Adapts to you and your body

Nobody likes the pinching of tight jeans, which is why it was important to us to develop a wide comfort band that holds and still doesn't cut in. The waistband nestles perfectly against your body. In addition, according to a study, wearing pantyhose is much healthier than jeans anyway. So, what are you waiting for. Join us on the bright tights of life. Real dad joke, but we couldn't help it. ;)

30-day anti-ladder guarantee

Vivien and Larissa spent months developing the perfect tights. That is why we are also very confident of our quality. However, if you get a ladder within the first 30 days of purchase, we will replace it completely FREE!

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